Morena my sis

It has been a quick minute and a tino busy one at that. Since the last post where I shared about my graduation from the Ka Hao i Te Ao program and the new journey for my whānau and I, Mauria mai tō kauae experienced significant success with the selling out of our Kirihimete Kete and the Kete Tuarua. These special tāonga were put together just in time for xmas and were also an opportunity for Mauria mai tō kauae to see how well they might go as an ongoing product and I can say with much appreciation that ya'll really showed the aroha and we are just so grateful for that. We are definitely thinking about 2021 now and how we can bring these to you on a regular basis. (our kete were filled with goodies including affirmation cards, crystals, candles, sage sticks, miri rollers, insence cones, crystal key rings etc)

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you something else that we experienced this last month.

As you will know, we are just new to tēnei ao of e-commerce and also a recently developed kaupapa too. Mauria mai tō kauae launched earlier this year and it is run by myself with lots of infused mauri, aroha, tautoko, wairua and mātauranga from the many Aunties, Taua, cuzzies, whānau, mentors and friends that the kaupapa is blessed to have.

What I do here is mirimiri you to be your best self, I'm not an expert of anything but I sure am blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of amazing people who teach, guide and empower me and a pretty colourful life full of experiences that I can reflect on as a guiding tool.

Back to the recent experience...essentially I was presented with some new information that I wasn't aware of and in that moment, I responded the way my colonised, traumatised and still learning self knew how in situations like that, which is with a bit of a bite to be honest, and well, that really didn't help me in that moment. As a consequence, things turned a bit ugly. 

I had to take a break from social media for a bit, recenter myself, restore my wellbeing and reflect on how I participated in that and how I am going to move forward.

What I really got out of that experience is I'm still not an expert. I am still resolving my own ambivalence. I am still growing and learning as the journey unfolds and that is tino pai. It is ok to be where we are at aye whānau.


And it is ok for me to do that and be here on this hikoi with you all at the same time.

Mistakes, challenges, difficulties, whatever we choose to call them - they are our opportunities to grow and learn, to discover and develop and I am so grateful to the Whaea for that.

And I am grateful too that this experience gets to be one I can share with you all, in our collective efforts to heal and grow along our journey of resolving ambivalence.

So thank you, thank you for journeying with Mauria mai tō kauae and it's operator, me, Miriama, he tauira o tēnei ao, tēnei ao tino whēuaua.

He wahine toa koe, he wahine toa ahau.

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