Nau mai haere mai

Ata mārie my sis

It's day one of blogging and sharing the mauri with you. It's been a journey seeing my passion kaupapa come to fruition and I wouldn't have been successful without some key supporters.

Thing is, our success is never the success of our own aye. It's always the success of the collective. And there's a whakatauki in Te Ao Māori that speaks to that, anei: Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini. Translated it means my strength is not mine alone but the strength of many.

We are so blessed to have access to powerful mātauranga māori that can serve us in so many ways.

Our tupuna were the smartest people in the world in my humble opinion.

It is a privilege to be a mokopuna of them.

I hope Mauria mai tō kauae encourages the releasing of the mātauranga you've attained that does not serve you AND that you discover mātauranga māori that inspires a hikoi of discovery in yourself and the taiao around you.

Love you sis, Miri x

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